Backgammon starting position

backgammon starting position

The first moves of a backgammon game are the opening moves, collectively referred to as the There are no opening moves consisting of doubles, because at the start of the game, each player rolls one die. Whoever Backgammon opening position, board points numbered to register the movements of the black checkers. There's a standard way of setting up the pieces at the start of the game (2 on 24, 5 on 13, 3 on 8, 5 on 6). But it seems a bit arbitrary. Why do we. The board may also be set up in the reverse position of the above, like this: Backgammon players should learn to play using both starting positions and please. When backgammon tournaments are held to determine an overall winner, the usual style scott waites competition is match play. White rolls and bears off two checkers. The right replies to the opening are often not so easy find, but because these positions arise so frequently you should study them carefully. Consider a game of Dutch backgammon. The captain becomes the new box, and the next player in line becomes the new captain. One checker can use both numbers, but as separate moves, or different checkers can use each number separately.


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